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Publicado: 2015-11-24

Foro Tema Accidentes de trafico de Definicion Legal .com


I am South African and have been living in the U.S. and Miami for the past seven <a href="">mohtns</a>. The overall adjustment has been exceptionally challenging at times, and emotional irrational outbreaks made me realize I need help. I was having more down' days than not, and worse of all, I was taking out all my dormant anger on those I love most.My fiance and my search for someone to support me through these times stopped when we met Ivan telephonically for the first time. We were taken with his warmth, sincerity and eagerness to answer any and all questions we may have regarding his healing work. From the onset, there was an immediate connection and rapport between Ivan and I. He is a genuinely loving and caring person that has perfected the often-challenging art of listening. Sometimes I feel like I make no sense at all when I speak to him, yet somehow he intuitively knows how to proceed on the healing path. I was aware of many shortcomings and completely oblivious to others. Ivan has explored these blind spots with me while always maintaining his professionalism, objectivity, integrity and mission to heal.Not only has Ivan facilitated my settling down on my new home planet, he has helped free me from many stories from the past that I had myself shackled to. Together we have cleared emotional blockages and reached this new chapter of possibility in my life. Ivan, I know that I have been an exceptionally challenging client at times, thank you for meeting me where I was, for listening, for sharing, and for always seeing the ‘real me’ behind all the emotions. J.P. and I continue to find wisdom and solace in all that you have shared with me and us as a couple. And to your angel-wife, thank you for all your love and support too!

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